Nov 6, 2008


My life involves work (mainly on a computer), home (honey-do list), church, school, and whatever else comes up. I don't manage a to do list very well. Thinking back I've tried tons and tons of solutions. My mom had charts, I had a small planner at age twelve, and I was an early adopter of the Palm Pilot. The main reason for all of these things? To manage a to do list. None of them worked.

My wife creates amazing lists. She loves them. She goes through lists faster than I change my underwear (just kidding… about the underwear). At one point I had her making lists for me but I just couldn't get the paper to integrate into the digital world I work in. It was a frustrating and seemingly repetitive experience. I needed something that would always be available, easily updated and organized, and super simple. I tried some paper options. Those didn't last long - maybe a week. I gave up until July of this year. Since then I've had a pretty sweet setup syncing my to do lists with my computers and my phone so I always my list with me whether at the office or in the grocery store. It doesn't do everything or claim to but it does enough which is why I use it.

Things is a desktop (Mac only) and iPhone application which has simplified my life. Check it out (free until January) if you have a Mac and buy it ($10) if you have an iPhone.

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